The 2 Most Important Things in Onsite Optimization

Having a business website online means the site owner must have the ability to bring a high volume of traffic to the website to make sales. However, should that website not be visible enough to pass traffic and not experience a high enough click-through rate or conversion rate, then onsite optimization is necessary.

One of the most important things to do when using onsite optimization is that times have changed. What has typically worked in the past may not work now, so tailoring the new onsite optimization techniques to work with the new algorithms for page ranking is necessary.

For example, Google used to give a Quality Score based on keyword density alone, but this has changed that the uniqueness and relevance of the content itself in addition to keywords are just as important. What this means that instead of seeing websites with not so good content (bad grammar) and possibly even content that makes no sense (spun content), but full of keywords ranking in the top spots, websites that show more authority within the content provided with the proper, relevant keywords integrated nicely on the pages within the site are ranking higher.

Another of the most important things to remember when performing onsite optimization is the title tag, of which many people forget to use. This does not mean the title of the content, but the title tag within the HTML source code of the page itself. Every site owner and designer should remember to optimize this area; otherwise, they could be missing out on many page ranking opportunities. Simply adding a keyword or two to the title tag, so long as it is relevant to the content provided within the page, can increase a site?s traffic exponentially because that site shows in the top spots of the SERPs.