9 Interesting Ways to Use a Coffee Mug

Everyone who loves their coffee knows that the mug can actually make for a really enjoyable experience. But what many may not know is that these vessels are not only good for holding your favorite brew; they’re also excellent for other uses. Here are 9 other uses of a coffee mug.

1. Candle Holder

It’s super easy to make your own candle. There are a lot of craft stores that can give you all the materials you need. All you need now is a candle holder to put your chemical experiment in. Look no further as your coffee mug fits the bill perfectly. Its high side walls simply mean there won’t be any candle wax dripping onto your table.

2. Herb Pot

If you’re trying to spice up your cooking with a lot of herbs, you’ll find using fresh herbs to be a lot more meaningful than using dried ones. So discard your bottles of McCormick, plant herb seedling into your coffee mug, and watch your kitchen grow into a green master chef delight.

3. Soup Bowl

Sure, enjoying a hearty soup can be very pleasant especially on cold days. But what’s more enjoyable is to hold the bowl in your hands and sip the soup straight from the bowl. You can’t do that with an ordinary soup bowl, unfortunately. A coffee mug will.

4. Cookie Cutter

Fancy uniform-shaped cookies to go in the oven? Well, if you don’t have a cookie cutter, your coffee mug will do just fine. You’d have to use one with a smaller diameter, though; unless, of course you want a bigger cookie to give to the kids.

5. Bird Feeder

If your house is frequently visited by migratory birds as well as local avian species, then you can turn your coffee mug into a neat bird feeder. Mount a wooden perch on the side of the mug, hang the mug by the upper section of the handle, the fill it up with your favorite bird seeds. Now watch birds visit your home more often.

6. Mosaic Floor and Wall

Got some broken ceramic coffee mugs? Why not turn them into wall or floor art? They could very well form a great mosaic piece in your house and turn it into a fascinating work of art. This could be your next big home improvement project.

7. Measuring Cup

You know the size of your coffee mug, right? If you do, then you clearly don’t have a need for a measuring cup anymore since your coffee mug can do a good job.

8. Microwave Platform

If you’re in a hurry to reheat multiple foods in the microwave, a coffee mug can help you by elevating another plate of food so you’re actually heating 2 plates in one go.

9. Phone Amplifier

Forget fancy Bluetooth speakers for your phone. Simply rest a coffee mug on its side and place your smartphone inside with its speaker towards the bottom of the mug. Now you’ve got an instant phone amplifier.

There are actually 1001 ways you can use your mug other than as a coffee holder. These are just 9 of them.