Coffee Mug 101: Exploring Your Choices

When shopping for the best coffee mug, you may find yourself bewildered by the exceptionally dizzying array of choices. One of the things you’ve got to consider when buying a mug for your coffee drinking needs is the type of mug. There are plenty of types to choose from. We’ll explore the more common ones so you’ll get to decide which one is best for you.

Diner Coffee Mugs

Also called restaurant mugs, diner coffee mugs are heavy-duty and come with a thicker body and handle. Because of this unique construction, diner coffee mugs are able to hold the temperature of coffee a whole lot longer than other mugs with relatively thin body. The only problem with these types of mugs is that they tend to be breakable since they’re mostly made of ceramic.

Travel Coffee Mugs

A favorite among travelers and outdoor adventurers like campers and hikers, travel coffee mugs are made of either stainless steel or plastic. Perhaps what really separates them is that they have heat-retaining technologies integrated into their design. These can be in the form of vacuum insulation or even double-wall insulation. Majority of these travel mugs come with spill-free lids. The downside is that some of them cannot go into your dishwasher; hence, they should be washed by hand. Plus, there’s always the worry of chemicals in plastic materials.

Camper Coffee Mugs

Short and stout is how people describe the camper mug. It’s a classic camping mug complete with a handle. Most of these are made of stainless steel or ceramic, although some can be enameled. One distinguishing characteristic of these mugs is that they have a really wide diameter. They are very lightweight and quite easy to carry. Unfortunately, there really isn’t that much of a choice when it comes to design.

Bistro Coffee Mugs

You can think of bistro mugs as slightly skinnier versions of your diner or restaurant mugs. The only difference is that, if diner mugs are made of ceramic, bistro mugs can also be made of glass. These are one of the more popular coffee mugs that companies give away as promotional items especially if the logo they are going to place on the side of the mug is circular. Like all glass and ceramic products, bistro mugs can be breakable.

Café Coffee Mugs

Now it gets more confusing. Café mugs look a lot like bistro mugs since both can be made from either glass or ceramic. Unfortunately, this also makes both types of coffee mugs breakable. Both are also taller and a bit slimmer than restaurant or diner coffee mugs. But the real difference between a café and a bistro personalized custom coffee mug is in the shape of their body. Bistro mugs will typically have a rounder body towards the bottom. Café mugs, on the other hand, will have a straighter side but wider at the top and narrower at the bottom. Think of an inverted isosceles trapezoid and you’ll get the idea.

Have you taken your pick? Go visit your favorite department store and look for each of these types of coffee mugs to have a better grasp of what you really need.