Finding the Perfect Coffee Mug: Here’s What You Should Consider

Buying a coffee mug shouldn’t really take too much effort. But if you’re going to get a coffee mug to give as a present to someone else or you simply want to treat yourself to the perfect mug to hold your favorite black brew every morning, there are certain things that you’ve just got to consider.

Quality of Craftsmanship

You’d want the perfect coffee mug to be both durable and comfortable especially when held by the hand. If you prefer glass coffee mugs these should be crystal clear, like gems that sparkle as you hold them against the light. If you’re into ceramics checking for chips or cracks as well as the quality of the glaze should come in handy. You’d want a coffee mug that is as tough on the dishwasher as it is in the microwave.


Coffee guzzlers can empty a cup in mere minutes. If you’re the type of individual who looks at and drinks coffee like water, you’d definitely want to get something with a larger capacity. Don’t go for an espresso cup if you want to gulp your coffee like water. Choose something with a much bigger capacity, say an 8 or even a 10-ounce cup. Of course, if you prefer sips than gulps, a 2-ounce coffee mug should be just right.


You’ve got plenty of materials to choose from. There are those made of plastic, stainless steel, porcelain, glass, ceramic, and other materials. Always look at the material’s ability to retain heat, unless you’re the kind who prefers ice-cold coffee rather than having it piping hot. The material used in the construction of the coffee mug should also be evaluated for its quality. Some plastic may look extra-cheap, but some look like the expensive stuff. The same is true with stainless steel and other materials. They may look cheaply made or are executed with finesse.


Most folks prefer a coffee mug with a handle on the side, although there are those who prefer not having them at all. Travelers prefer a coffee mug without handles while those who enjoy coffee at home or in the office will do better with a handle to slip their fingers in.


A lid on your coffee mug is one way of keeping it safe from dirt, dust, and bugs. It also helps keep the temperature of the coffee a little longer. Unfortunately, there are some who find removing and putting the lid back on every time they want to take a sip to be too cumbersome. It’s your choice. However, there’s one type of coffee mug that will do best with a lid on – travel coffee mugs. Just imagine holding your mug with the coffee splashing on its side and spilling onto your hands and lap. A lid is also handy when it comes to protecting your lips from getting burned as you take a sip.

If you’re currently searching for the best coffee mug for you or someone else, don’t forget to keep these things in mind.